Client Satisfaction Comes First

Our main aim is to satisfy our clients by understanding of their needs and their businesses/industries and in that sense we always put ourselves in our client’s shoes so as to give them a full satisfaction.

Reliable Legal Services

We always provide reliable and customized solutions for the specific needs of our clients and deliver excellent, responsive and efficeint legal services.

Business Oriented Approach

Thanks to our industry specific experience and knowledge especially in the regulated markets, we are always capable of analyzing the issues from the business perspective in addition to the legal perspective.

yamakoglu işgören
Welcome to Yamakoğlu & İşgören

Yamakoğlu & İşgören is a full-service law firm offering tailored legal services to domestic and multinational corporate clients, prioritising each client’s needs to their individual specification.

Our lawyers work in specific practice areas while offering legal services in diverse fields of law. The firm’s large practice area and specialised team suits the needs of each client on meeting their daily needs as the firm is renowned for its retainer services.

Being aware of the fact that the clients’ needs require business-oriented intelligence rather than a pure knowledge of legislation, we distinguish ourselves from our colleagues as having industry specific experience especially in the regulatory markets.

We see our clients as our business partners and seek to add value beyond our legal service. In that sense we closely follow the developments concerning our clients’ business sectors in order to deliver the best strategic and accurate advice to satisfy our clients’s needs.

Our Strengths

Reliability and Quality

■ We know that the first priority of our clients is to receive reliable and consistent legal advice and we ensure that this is provided at all times.

■ In rendering our services, we ensure that we thoroughly analyse not only legal aspects but also sector specific issues not to leave any blind spot.

Business Orientation

■ We provide our clients with the services of lawyers who not only understand but are truly interested in our client’s business. We ensure that our advice is practical, useful, valuable and tied to our clients’ needs and goals.

■ We operate as a value-added and trusted business partner. We focus on actively building long-term relationships with our clients, working as a key part of their team.

Innovative and Customized Solutions

■ With profound insight into various business sectors, our lawyers offer the best possible solution, balancing risks and benefits on a case-by-case basis, tailored to the sector specific requirements of each client.

■ We act client focused at all times; highly responsive but also delivering proactive advice and novel solutions based on past experience and up-to-date legal knowledge.

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Yamakoğlu & İşgören

Cevizli Mah. Mustafa Kemal Cad. Seyitgazi Sok. Hukukçular Towers B Blok K:18 D:111 Kartal, Istanbul TURKEY

+ 90 216 383 96 76